We are visual storytellers

Suramya was born out of a love for design, and a passion for aesthetic, meaningful and tasteful user experiences. Our aim is to make quality design accessible to everyone and to help you build real connections with your audience.

For the journey & the destination

We have a deep rooted set of values we take on all our design journeys. To us, the people are just as important as the project. We embark each journey with a passion and childlike curiosity to explore and know more.


We follow our hearts as we take our mind along the journey to create meaningful designs that connect.


Your growth is our success. We work towards a mutal growth in the most optimised way possible.


We keep in mind the joy of having a dream. We value the dreams that walk in through our doors like our own.


We belive that every project is unique and requires us to explore and learn. We make sure to never stop learning.

Humans at Suramya

Our enthusiastic team behind every creation.

Dishi Sen

Founder & Creative Director

Ayush Rathore

Chief Technical Officer